Philips Portable DVD Player Does iPod, Too

Philips Portable DVD Player Does iPod, Too


There’s multimedia and then there’s multi-media. The Philips DCP850 is definitely the latter.

It’s a portable DVD player, yes, but it also plays DivX and MPEG4 files. More exciting, you can plunk your video iPod down in the integrated slot and watch all those episodes of LOST on an 8.5-inch widescreen, instead of squinting at the tiny vertical iPod viewer.

The DCP850 has an SD slot as well. Philips is no doubt planning ahead for the day when you can fit the entire Matrix trilogy on an SD card.

One word of warning: This is a portable player, but the battery lasts just 2.5 hours; so if you’re looking to relish a little catch-up time with that extended version of The Return of the King, you’d better take your power cord along and plant yourself near an electrical outlet.

You can take the DCP850 home for just US$200.