Mobio Offers 450 Widgets for Your Mobile

Mobio Offers 450 Widgets for Your Mobile


You don’t always need a Web browser to access the Web. That might sound counterintuitive, but it’s been proven to be true. Push email is one example. Mobio is another.

Mobio is a startup out of Apple’s backyard in Cupertino, Calif., and its aim is to give you free downloadable widgets for your mobile that allow you to get real-time info from the Web without having to resort to the kind of time-consuming mobile browsing that drives smartphone users crazy.

The list of initial widgets is impressive, with a suite of 450. Among the helpful offerings are mapping services, restaurant and movie listings, nearby taxi services, and even locksmiths. (Yes, we can envision the day when you remember your mobile but not your keys.) Some widgets let you not only find movie times and nearby eateries but also make dinner reservations and buy movie tickets.

Mobio is an extension of existing widget-like programs, most notably Nokia’s WidSets. The difference here is the breadth of what is offered.

Mobio is only for Java-enabled phones, and on Cingular, Sprint, or T-Mobile. If not, wait for Version 2.0.