Logitec LBT-HP100C2 Bluetooth Headphones Look Comfy

Logitec LBT-HP100C2 Bluetooth Headphones Look Comfy


We’ve got ourselves some spiffy looking Bluetooth headphones coming down the hatch, this time from the engineers at Logitec (that’s the company without the H). Logitec Japan, not to be confused with the company that made my computer mouse, has just unveiled the LBT-HP100C2 Bluetooth clip-style headphones. Compatible with A2DP and AVRCP profiles, these headphones feature that popular white and blue motif that so many people are rocking these days, and you’ll notice (or rather, not notice) that the mic is discretely hidden near the earphone clip on one side.

It’ll work with all sorts of music and phone call things, including VoIP. It can even be paired simultaneously with an MP3 player and a mobile phone, assuming that you’ve got one of the very few portable music players that rocks Bluetooth. Battery life could be better, though, as you only get six hours of musical enjoyment on a single charge.

Look for the Logitec LBT-HP100C2 to hit store shelves in Japan later this month. $65.