iPod Dock Embedded, Literally

iPod Dock Embedded, Literally


Why buy a pair of speakers for your bedroom when you can plug your MP3 player right into your bed? You couldn’t do that normally, but you can do just that if you have the Tune-in Bed. No, we’re not kidding. You can buy this nice-looking furniture that just happens to be the world’s largest iPod dock. One 4-inch speaker is embedded in each side of the headboard, and it also comes with volume and input controls, naturally.

Lest you misrepresent the size of this thing, know that it comes in queen and king sizes, for just US$899 and US$999. (The twin bed, which we feature in the photo, goes for US$699.) Take it from someone who recently purchased a bed: that’s not a bad price at all.

The Tune-in Bed comes in two colors, Sun Valley Honey and the traditional White.