Swingline Develops High-Tech Trackable Staples

Swingline Develops High-Tech Trackable Staples


“But that’s my stapler.”

Oh, how I love Office Space. Now every time that I see a bright red Swingline stapler, I think of that poor sap that burned the building down. Swingline is the first and last name in staplers and today they’ve unveiled something pretty nifty. They’ve managed to attach RFID tags to individual staples so that if an important document happens to get misplaced, you can use a nearby tracking device to find it.

Pardon my ignorance, but this seems to imply that you’ll have to keep track of which staple is attached to which doc, otherwise you’ll be tracking down every piece of stapled paper in the office. Cool, nonetheless.

Now, can someone explain the flying saucer in the background?