Wi-Fi TV Looks to Expand into Cars, Mobile Phones

Wi-Fi TV Looks to Expand into Cars, Mobile Phones


Wi-Fi TV is coming to your car—and your mobile.

The Internet TV provider is looking to expand its market to compete with the newly bolstered satellite radio behemoth Sirius-XM. It already has subscribers to its Social Internet TV service from more than 180 countries. Members can IM and SMS while watching the same TV show, make VoIP calls, and offer live online video parties. All of these services are free and are paid for by the company’s advertisers.

The expansion into mobile phone and TV venues seems only natural for a service that essentially already has that capability. You’ll probably find the greatest success using a smartphone, since a plain old mobile won’t be able to handle the live video. That’s a natural for TV monitors installed in the headrests of cars, however, which Wi-Fi TV thinks is a prime market.

The company also intends to add local content to its listings. All of this will begin on or before May 1.