Sony PictureStations Print in 45 Seconds

Sony PictureStations Print in 45 Seconds


The folks in the digital printing department at Sony have addressed that seemingly never-ending time that it takes from when you press “Print”, to when you actually see your picture. on paper. They have released a pair of lightning-fast new PictureStation printers. Both the DPP-FP70 and the DPP-FP90 can bring forth a fully realized 4×6 in just 45 seconds. That’s ages faster than the industry standard. Your photos will print so quickly that you might not be ready for them, yet there they will be.

The edit-on-the-go features include print preview, superimpose for text addition, a host of color filters, and one-button printing. A built-in carrying handle completes the portability.

The main difference between the two models is the LCD. The FP90 has a 3.6-inch screen that tilts; the screen on the FP70 is just 2.5 inches. Pricing is US$200 and US$150, respectively.