Sony MEX-BT2500 Car Stereo Boasts Bluetooth

Sony MEX-BT2500 Car Stereo Boasts Bluetooth


The press release that Sony provided is trying to sell us on the MEX-BT2500 based on the fact that it sports Bluetooth, helping “drivers keep their hands on the wheel.” Sure, it’s nice being able to wirelessly connect your cell phone to your stereo, blasting out those intimate conversations over your car speakers, but I think Sony needs to do a thing or two about the cosmetic appearance of this unit. It’s a little bland for my tastes.

In terms of features, though, this deck has got plenty to offer. It does AM/FM, naturally, as well as regular CDs, MP3 formatted CDs, and Bluetooth-compatible digital music players. That’s pretty nifty, though there aren’t that many Bluetooth music players out there (other than musicphones). When it comes time to take a call, the integrated microphone behind the faceplate “eliminates the need for additional wiring.”

Other key features include 52 watts x 4 output, a removable faceplate, and blue key illumination. Look for the MEX-BT2500 to start selling in March with an asking price of about $180.