Magnetic Paper You Can Stick With

Magnetic Paper You Can Stick With


If only paper was magnetic itself … Well, now we have such a thing. It’s called MagneCote, and it is paper that can be printed on and then stuck to any metallic surface. You can perforate it, you can sheet-feed it or die-cut it, you can even laminate it – no loss in magnetic properties. Those properties are a secret process that can survive the roughest treatment this side of ripping.

And it’s not just in 8.5×11 size. Companies are already using MagneCote as coupons, calendars, and even business cards.

MagneCote comes from Glatfelter, a specialty paper company that sells a variety of papers to companies all around the world. The magnetic paper is available to business customers at the moment, but we can foresee the day soon when we can all enjoy magnetic paper in the privacy of our own homes—or on phone booths and shop windows and car doors and …