Double Screen Notebook from Estari

Double Screen Notebook from Estari


It’s something of a novelty if you can open up your notebook and use both halves as displays. That’s the premise behind the Estari 2-VU, which indeed has two displays, a pair of 15-inch XGA screens that can show you two different windows at the same time.

The display is vertical, of course, so it’s not quite like those two-monitor displays that we’re used to. Those show two parts of the same picture; this shows you two different pictures.

The touchscreen element will be especially popular with Web surfers, who will find touch-screen-ability helpful for quick navigation on Web pages.

What might turn you off, though, is the price. It’s US$4,350, which seems very steep for a notebook, even one as advanced as this one. Yes, you get wireless and an eBook reader and the touchscreen functionality; but it seems like you’re really paying for those features in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise.