The First TV Ad for the Apple iPhone

The First TV Ad for the Apple iPhone


The iPhone is still some time away, but Apple is fully ready to start building up some crazy buzz surrounding the product. During last night’s Oscar Awards, the Cupertino crew unleashed the first Apple iPhone commercial. Hello.

Vista’s one-word catchphrase is “Wow” and in its utter simplicity, it’s not all that appealing. I’m wondering if Apple is feeling the same way. (On a side note, wasn’t “Hello” the catchphrase for the first iMac?) In the commercial, you’ll 28 actors spanning all sorts of genres and generations saying hello, followed by an image of the iPhone.

A few interesting things to note: The Cingular logo is replaced by an at&t one, the time has changed from 10:15 to 10:12, and there is no mention of the actual word “iPhone” in the ad. This last tidbit indicates that this commercial was put together before Apple made nice with Cisco.