Sony Releases Army of Twelve Vista-Powered VAIO Laptops

Sony Releases Army of Twelve Vista-Powered VAIO Laptops


When Sony unveils a new computing solution, they do with so much fervor and conviction that it cannot be ignored. Sure, one or two laptops may fly under the radar from time to time, but when Sony unleashes a dozen new notebooks, everyone is sure to take notice. Such is the case today with the army of new VAIO lappies, powered by Vista.

Destined for the Korean market, these new VAIOs span a good spectrum of needs, from the metallically-designed FE48L/H 15.4-inch widescreen multimedia laptop to the more compact 13.3-inch widescreen SZ/C series. This latter unit makes use of “Sony’s exclusive hybrid graphic system to adjust battery life to user’s environment.”

Not a fan of silver? The TX55L/B is coated in black. Need a portable computer for work? The UX27LN comes with a U1500 Intel Core Solo processor and Windows Vista Business. Prices range accordingly.