Me-Mo Modular Phone Removes Components As Necessary

Me-Mo Modular Phone Removes Components As Necessary


Cell phones these days are turning into Swiss Army knives, packing in all sorts of functionality which may be nice and all, but could tack on unnecessary bulk that we may not need all the time. The Me-Mo concept phone breaks down the components into several pieces so that you can remove the camera if you don’t need it, or detach the QWERTY keyboard when you don’t plan on doing any emails or SMSing.

The gadget is made up of several modular parts. In addition to the camera and keyboard mentioned above, other tiddly bits include the screen, MP3 player, and GPS navigator. When you need the functionality of any given component you simply snap it on using the “jacket buttons” and the handset “should be able to detect which pieces are there and adjust accordingly.”

This popped up on Yanko Design, so there’s no telling when and if this will ever make it into production.