Japan to Offer Hydrogen-powered Limousines

Japan to Offer Hydrogen-powered Limousines


Hydrogen fuel cells are beginning to really start taking off. Now, you can be chauffered around Japan in a hydrogen-powered vehicle. It’s a first, not only for Japan but also for the entire world. Hydrogen-powered vehicles aren’t commonly available yet, mainly because they cost so darned much to maintain. But determination and an adherence to alternative technologies are bringing these vehicles more and more out into the open.

And these aren’t just compact vehicles. No, these are Nissan X-TRAIL FCVs, which under normal circumstances would consume more than their fair share of gasoline. They boast maximum speed and acceleration in line with what you’d get in a gas-powered vehicle while emitting only water vapor.

The vehicles were delivered to a well-known chauffer provider Kanagawa Toshi Kotsu Ltd. Drivers are currently being trained on how to refuel. Service will launch in March, and prices won’t be any different than those for traditional vehicles.