First Aid Software Suite for Mobiles

First Aid Software Suite for Mobiles


Not that you should go around diagnosing other people’s problems, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be able to access basic first aid information whenever you need. And it would be even better if it was at the tip of your finger tips in the event of an emergency.

That’s the functionality offered by the new software suite for mobile phones from the Mayo Clinic and Digital Cyclone. It’s called the Mayo Clinic InTouch, and it goes live in early March. It will work with all major wireless carriers in the United States.

What you get for your subscription is a series of static information, including step-by-step first aid instructions for the most basic of medical needs and a symptom checker to help you determine just how sick you or your family member or friend is. More dynamic content is available, depending on how ambitious your phone hardware is. You can get continually updated health alerts and drug watches delivered to your phone as well as health news videos.

Just type in your city or ZIP code to search an urgent care facility database of nearly 4,000 listings. If your phone is GPS equipped, the software will find the nearest facility for you.

This is a subscription-based system. The cost is US$2.99 a month and can be tacked on to your monthly phone bill.