Cellphone Ankle Strap is Hot

Cellphone Ankle Strap is Hot


We’re certain that a market exists for this product, somewhere. This ankle strap holder for a mobile phone might be a dicey proposition depending on how much the phone weighed and how high the heels were. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to go carting a Blackberry or a Treo using one of these things, but the new super-thin sliders might just fit nicely in that little black strap which keeps the phone handy yet not in your hands, so you’re free to hold a drink, dance, or gesture while talking—all those things you do when you’re out for the evening.

You can even wear it around your wrist or around your shoulder, wherever you want to carry your phone so it’s out of the way. Both of those locations seem to make a bit more sense than wrapping your mobile around your ankle, but it’s up to you.

The CPC Strap comes in two style, one for Razrs and one for everyone else. Promotional price is just US$19.99, with the price going up to US$49.99 after 1,000 units are sold.