Life Fitness Integrates iPod into Exercise Equipment

Life Fitness Integrates iPod into Exercise Equipment


Well, this makes sense. I always bring my MP3 player with me when I go for a jog around the park, and I’m sure that most people bring their iPods when they go and hit up the gym, so why not integrate the whole process together in one nice, neat, tight little package. Life Fitness is the world’s leading provider of exercise machines (like treadmills) and they have just announced that they’ll soon be rolling out “products which offer seamless integration with the Apple iPod.” No other portable media player was mentioned specifically.

In addition to helping you play those gigs and gigs of music, the new treadmills and exercise bikes will sport LCD touchscreens that let you quickly access your song library and they can even be used to display your videos! And don’t be concerned about draining your battery either because the iPod gets charged while it sits in the exercise machine’s connector.

The first in this new line is expected to ship by the end of March.