The GPS-PMP That Does it All

The GPS-PMP That Does it All


All-in-one grocery stores are huge these days. That’s not the case with multimedia devices, which keep getting smaller and smaller while piling on more and more features.

The latest in this mold is the P360, from Prober, which is packed with a host of user-friendly features including GPS navigation and the full suite of PMP functionality.

Let’s start with that GPS. The chipset is the by-now standard SiRF Star III, with a 3.5-inch touchscreen to help you navigate the more confusing parts of your surroundings. Voice instructions can get you from POI to POI with ease.

Audiovisually, you get the option of playing back all manner of file formats, including WMV, WMA, and WAV. You can view moving or still video images and use the handy remote to zoom in onscreen, something you don’t find in every GPS device.

The icing on the functionality cake is that it has an e-book reader as well.

The hardware specs are rather nice as well, with a Samsung 400MHz processor humming along with 64MB of SDRAM and 64MB of NAND Flash ROM. If you don’t like your WindowsCE in the 4.2 variety, you’d better skip this little handheld, since that’s what’s running it on the software front. an expandable SD card slot completes this side of the features list.

Sadly, we don’t know pricing or availability, since this is one of those Shenzhen-produced products that might never make it out of Asia.