SteriPEN Purifies Water Wherever You Go

SteriPEN Purifies Water Wherever You Go


Some people don’t trust water unless they’ve boiled it themselves. Purified water? Not good enough. Distilled water? Now we’re getting close. This product is for them.

The SteriPEN UV Light Water Purifier is exactly what its rather long name suggests it is, a water purifier that works using a germicidal UV lamp. Just submerge the pen in a bottle of a water, wait a minute or two (depending on how much water you’re looking to zap), and presto: squeaky clean, bacteria free water.

Unlike filtration systems, the SteriPEN leaves behind no chemical aftertaste. It makes your water 99.99 percent safe to drink, which should be good enough for most paranoids. The SteriPEN is eminently portable and fits in your shirt or pants pocket or certainly in just about any flap or pocket of a backpack.

The cost is a bit high, at US$100, but that’s nothing compared to what you’d pay if you got hold of some bad water. The one filter that comes with the pen is good for 5,000 uses. This will not remove heavy metal or other chemical contaminants, just live bacteria.