Griffin Reflect: The Chrome iPod Case

Griffin Reflect: The Chrome iPod Case


It’s all about how you look, right? The iPod just looks cool. The accessories for it also look cool. This one looks cool, too, and it mimics the sheen without resulting in those pesky little scratches.

The Griffin Reflect is an iPod case that looks just like the shiny surface of the popular nano, but it has a plastic body and mirrored chrome finish, so you’ll have to endure no scratches on the face of your beautiful MP3 player yet still look like you have no cover at all.

The back is rubberized, for ease of transport, and it creates the illusion of truly disappearing when the backlight isn’t, well, lit.

Yes, you can get this for the nano. Yes, you can get it for the iPod video. You can even get it for the SanDisk Sansa. (Who said Griffin doesn’t look out for the little guy?). No Zune love yet. The price is US$24.99.