Flat, Portable Speakers from TDK

Flat, Portable Speakers from TDK


When you hear the name TDK, you think of the recording process first and foremost. Well, here’s something that focuses on the playback end of the musical experience. It’s a pair of portable speakers called the Xa-10, and they’re flat and ready to slip right in to your purse or back pocket.

OK, so they’re not totally flat. The batteries in the middle make a bit of a bulky feel, but they are mostly flat, in the same way that a mobile phone is mostly flat. And they pump out a good bit of sound despite being only 4.6 inches tall.

They come in three colors: lime, orange, and silver. They connect to any stereo handily enough and pump out 1.2 watts. They’ll be available on March 20, although first in Japan, for a price of US$25.