Designer Luggage With RFID Tags Could Find Their Way Home

Designer Luggage With RFID Tags Could Find Their Way Home


Still looking for buyers among world airlines, RFID Ltd. has upgraded its BagChip system of tracking air passengers’ baggage by using RFID chips to include designer luggage tags. These tags, which are part of the BagChipElite system, are designed to match the colors and overall look of luggage designed by such popular upscale manufacturers as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton.

The Elite angle is a new PR move by the Denver-based company to gain a large contract with a major airline. Some airlines, including Delta, have tested the technology in the past few years, but RFID Ltd. has yet to find a buyer, despite a high-profile relaunch just last fall.

The system places an RFID chip in a piece of luggage containing unique user data for the owner. Chips would be read using a handheld medium-range reader. The main selling point is the ability to avoid the thousands of cases of lost luggage that plague airlines each year; but so far, not one of the big players has signed on. Testing is to resume at a handful of airports soon.