WiFi-Equipped Nikon S50c Point and Shoot Camera

WiFi-Equipped Nikon S50c Point and Shoot Camera


It’s quite clearly a consumer level slim camera with a consumer-level features, but one thing that really sticks out on the Nikon S50c is that it comes with built-in WiFi. Available in silver only, the S50c lets you email your shots instantaneously to server space (2GB) that Nikon is providing free of charge with every camera sold.

Other key features include a 7MP sensor, optical image stabilization, 3x optical zoom, ISO 1600, 3-inch LCD, face tracking, AV slideshows, and “a periscope styled lens like those premiered in Minolta Dimage cams a long time ago.” Battery life may not be the best, though, with only 130 shots per charge.

If you’re wanting the slim form factor and all those other features, but not WiFi, then you can opt for the black Nikon S50 instead which is otherwise identical.