Camera Stabilising Bag: Unconventional, Adjustable Tripod

Camera Stabilising Bag: Unconventional, Adjustable Tripod


This innovative tripod will be known for its adaptability most of all. Rather than making you plop that camera down on a stationary surface and clamp it down, the Camera Stabilising Bag lets you take the camera virtually everywhere. You decide where to place it and how high the lens holder is going to go.

The key to this waterproof nylon holder is that it accepts a variety of “fillers” that “pump” it up. Pour sand or rice or beans or even dirt inside and use as much as you want in any pattern of consistency you want. The surface can be as firm or as bendable as you want it to be, for static shots or the opportunity to facilitate quick movement between shots. Moreover, the Camera Stabilising Bag has two levels of support, so you can set up a stable base with an angle on top.

The CSB folds down to virtually nothing when empty and is machine-washable. It comes in black, navy blue, or dark green. Price is just under US$49.