Groovy Lava Lamp Speakers

Groovy Lava Lamp Speakers


There’s a whole segment of the aging population that is going to love this one. Nothing says the ’60s and ’70s in America more than a lava lamp, and that spirit has been infused into the I-Light speaker for your music player or stereo.

If you can tear your eyes away from the lava lights long enough to glance at the top and bottom, you’ll find two speakers. Plant yourself in between this pair of day-glow and night-life speakers and you’ll have quadrophonic sound.

The I-Light speakers are portable by design but not so portable in practicality, mainly because you have a power cord that would need to be transported as well.

In case you’re wondering, of course the colors and shapes change with the rhythm of your music.

Now, you can get yourself a pair of these for US$68. We can’t be held responsible for how many hours you spend gazing into the lamps, though.