GM Planning Subtle Luxury Upgrades

GM Planning Subtle Luxury Upgrades


GM car designers are incorporating some luxury touches in models over the next few years in an effort to improve drivers’ and passengers’ all-around experience.

Among the highlights are expected to be ambient interior lighting, taking a cue from recessed lights in your more expensive homes. It’s not just that kind of light, either. Check out the blinker, which has a light of its own so you can find it in the pitch dark.

Speaking of seeing in the dark, have a look at the high-tech rear view mirror, which has integrated camera functions on slide-out LCDs. You can never have enough to help you out the back.

The third highlighted element is the remote control key fob, which you can use to unlock the car doors and even start your car from a few feet away.

All of these are nice features, upgrades really, of existing technology. Little touches can make up a nice whole, and drivers of GM cars can expect to some or all of these features in many vehicles relatively soon.