Glass Car to Feature at Geneva Motor Show

Glass Car to Feature at Geneva Motor Show


We would think that this kind of vehicle wouldn’t be all that practical, especially if you are a woman who wears mini-skirts. But coming to you and the rest of the world at the Geneva Motor Show next month will be the Rinspeed eXasis, a concept car that has a see-through, glass-approximating frame.

Developed by Rinspeed and Bayer MaterialScience AG is the eXasis, it’s still in the development stage, which means it will be unlikely to see this at the local dealer and was most likely developed to showcase its innovative polycarbonate technology. But we do have this prototype, which the world will see in Geneva.

The body is made of Makrolon, a polycarbonate that is see-through to the extreme. Looking right through it, you can see the car’s frame, which does little more than balance the car and transport the driver and passenger (who sits right behind the driver, by the way). One oddity is that the transmission rests right beneath the engine.

One thing to remember: Don’t stare too long at the road beneath your feet, which you can see through the car frame. You’ll be tempted to do just that, but you should really keep your eyes on the road ahead.