XT9 to Replace T9 Text Messaging

XT9 to Replace T9 Text Messaging


One thing that hasn’t seen an update in quite some time is text messaging. Tegic is touting a new mobile interface called XT9, and it incorporates the various methods of texting that are available today with standard T9, including keypad, QWERTY keyboard, half-QWERTY, and even etch-a-sketch writing.

XT9 takes it up a notch, by making it easier to switch numbers, symbols, and letters and even simple to add accents to words, a must for those of you who can both speak and text in more than one language. In fact, XT9 is available in 25 languages.

In the manner of your best word processing program, XT9 can also correct commonly made spelling mistakes. You’re still on your own for grammar, however.