Mobile Phone on Your Wrist

Mobile Phone on Your Wrist


The latest approximation of the famous comic book detective Dick Tracy’s two-way wristwatch radio is the M300, a mobile phone wristwatch out of Australia. This tri-mode GSM/GPRS phone has all the hallmarks of a fully functional mobile, including a speaker phone, Bluetooth, an MP3 player, and large-quantity phonebook. What it also has going for it is the Bluetooth data transfer and dial up networking, an internal antenna, and a USB port, so you can transfer files, tunes, and spy plans from your PC to your wrist.

Talk time is a cool 200 minutes, and standby time is an amazing 80 hours. The screen isn’t exactly huge, since it’s a wristwatch, but it’s a color OLED one, so at least you’ll be entertained a bit.

The M300 comes in a variety of colors and color combinations, with two-tone combos a possibility (baby blue and pink, for instance, for the Breathless Mahoneys among us). SMS Technology, the manufacturer, reports that M300s will begin shipping next month, with pricing expected to hover around US$500 from