Fujitsu F903iX Clamshell Tilts Its Head

Fujitsu F903iX Clamshell Tilts Its Head


Sometimes you want a conventional clamshell with a normal opening mechanism. Othertimes you thirst for a landscape display. The Fujitsu F903iX HIGH-SPEED cell phone gives you both. It may have somewhat of a funky techie look to it while closed and it remains fairly conventional when you open it the normal way, but you’ll also notice that you can rotate that color display 90 degrees to give you some landscape-oriented goodness.

Available in Ash Silver and Dark Wine, the Fujitsu F903iX HIGH-SPEED comes equipped with an octogon motif, 1GB of internal memory, Napster support, 3.2 megapixel camera, VGA video telephony secondary cam, Office docs support, built-in dictionary, and H.264 video playback. And if you’re wondering what that “HIGH-SPEED” business is all about, that’s because the F903iX rocks “download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps,” presumably through HSDPA.

Look for it in Japan starting February 20th.