MOTONAV System for Smartphones

MOTONAV System for Smartphones


Despite the fact that this looks like a hockey puck and may have been designed by Canadians, the T815 from Motorola is a high-end navigation system that can function both in and out of your car and can even speak, telling you where to turn and when.

The T815 won’t be available until the summer, but we can’t wait to try out its Bluetooth smartphone synching and its voice-based step-by-step instructions coupled with the local points-of-interest search. Nothing like getting a full-on tour to the neighborhood movie theater. When you come out of the theater and it’s dark, you’ll appreciate the T815’s night lighting mode, which enables you to see what the device is trying to tell you even if no other exists around you.

The device comes with a visor clip, a mount, and a vehicle power adaptor. Except it to support most Bluetooth-enabled Motos.