Kodak’s Edible RFID Chips Taste Good

Kodak’s Edible RFID Chips Taste Good


George Eastman’s brainchild, Kodak, is going after an edible RFID chip that patients would voluntarily—of their own volition—swallow so that doctors and nurses and insurance companies could monitor the patient’s vital signs and all manner of other levels.

The chip would be embedded in a wafer, which would in turn be covered in a substance that is both digestible and tasty (I’m rootin’ for Salt and Vinegar). That substance would need to dissolve slowly enough for doctors to “see” inside the patient’s body before the whole thing gets slurped up by your stomach’s ever-present hydrochloric acid.

The chips could also be implanted just under the skin in joints, in order to help doctors monitor and choose the right time for more surgery.

Didn’t the folks at Kodak read this yesterday? Nobody seems to want these chips to come anywhere near their skin or, certainly, their mouths or digestive systems. This Kodak development might get different results.