‘Brain Radio’ Gets Full Sales Pitch

‘Brain Radio’ Gets Full Sales Pitch


This is your brain on radio.

That’s the vision of a group of engineers from Medtronic, who presented at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday the idea of an implantable “brain radio” that would help doctors monitor and control nervous disorders by collating data from a variety of neural stimulators. The most notable targets are epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, but other more or less serious conditions will be targeted as well.

The controller that would give the scientists all of that data is an implant that runs on a 1.8-volt battery. That battery needs to be changed only once every seven years, so you won’t live in fear of having to have an operation every year just to juice up the battery.

The main obstacle in creating a viable device, the project organizers said, was eliminating the natural noises and sounds associated with a controller from the overall signals that are sent to the device. The scientists have solved that problem, and this technology could become more widespread in the next few years.