Boingo Opens Worldwide Wi-Fi Hotspots to Mobiles

Boingo Opens Worldwide Wi-Fi Hotspots to Mobiles


The news just keeps coming out of Barcelona. Now we have word that Boingo Wireless is about to take the wraps off the first mobile global WiFi Internet service, one that has been designed especially for mobile phones.

Boingo is the world traveler’s friend, a hotspot in every port, and now you can use your Internet-enabled device to access those hotspots, too. This service is called, not surprisingly, Boingo Mobile. That’s OK by us, since you’ll always remember what it is and what it can do for you when you’re on the go.

The monthly fee, just US$7.95, and you have to download some compatibility software to make it all work swimmingly. Check out the Boingo website for more.