SanDisk Makes It Bigger and Smaller with 4GB microSDHC

SanDisk Makes It Bigger and Smaller with 4GB microSDHC


As if the SD family of memory cards wasn’t confusing enough, SanDisk has gone ahead and convoluted the picture even further by introducing the 4 gigabyte microSD High Capacity card, or microSDHC for short.

So, let’s see if we can round up the family here. We have standard SD, miniSD, microSD (which was once called TransFlash), and SDHC, as well the cousins in the MMC family, including MMC, RS-MMC, and DV-MMC. Whew, this family is growing faster by the minute!

SanDisk is saying this this latest offering provides “the largest capacity in the world’s smallest removable flash memory card.” With 4GB, you’ll have enough space for 1000 digital songs, 2000 high resolution pictures, or up to 8 hours of MPEG 4 video. Naturally, microSDHC cards aren’t compatible with garden variety microSD readers, just their larger SHDC brethren.

Retail release of these cards will commence later this year, you know, when there are actually phones and devices that will use them.