RFID Chips Getting Under Few People’s Skin

RFID Chips Getting Under Few People’s Skin


I think I’m with the patients on this one.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of positive response for the RFID chip implant business, despite the industry’s clamoring for volunteers. Maybe it’s that whole thing of a chip under your skin thing that people find so creepy. Maybe it’s that they feel violated or constantly watched. Maybe it’s that they don’t like needles. Whatever the reason, only 222 people have stood up and said yes, they’d like someone to take a knife to their epidermis, peel it back, and insert a tiny computer chip that will be used to track all manner of stats.

That kind of technology was supposed to revolutionize the medical industry, making it easier than ever to track patients’ movements and vital statistics, a most modern use of the most modern technology. Instead, the dream has in no way become reality.

VeriChip is the company most feeling the pain that comes with revelations like this. They are the makers of the technology, and they have sunk a lot of their own money into making these things that no one is wanting to even contemplate experiencing enough to buy. In fact, most of the company’s income in the past year has come from chips that monitor patients but are embedded in a wristband, not in the patients’ skin.

Maybe we’re just not ready for Gattaca quite yet.