NVIDIA Powers 3D Cell Phone User Interface

NVIDIA Powers 3D Cell Phone User Interface


Enjoying the cool Aero effects on your newly acquired Vista laptop? You will soon be able to enjoy a similar 3D user interface thanks to a new development from NVIDIA. It’s even got cool transition effects for a little extra pizazz.

This creation is said to be “the world’s first prototype implementation of the Khronos OpenKODE 1.0 specification.” Cool things that you’ll find in this unique interface include multi-tasking in a multi-windowed environment, translucent windows, and — of course — the “innovative 3D user interface with transition effects.” I’m a little afraid of what the draw on such a solution would be though, considering that battery makers are still trying to play catch up with all those energy-intensive applications we like running on our cell phones these days.

If you happen to be out in Barcelona, check out NVIDIA’s demo at 3GSM.