Motorola Q q9 is a Slightly Smarter Smartphone

Motorola Q q9 is a Slightly Smarter Smartphone


Just as the MOTORAZR and SLVR gave way to several iterations, each offering a slightly different feature set in a mildly altered casing, the Motorola Q has also received an update in the form of the Motorola Q q9. In addition to a somewhat rounder appearance and a svelte black paintjob, the Motorola Q q9 also comes with super fast HSDPA technology “for high-speed internet, and downloading/uploading of files.” They say that HSDPA is capable of shooting those 1s and 0s around at a pace as high as 3.6 megabytes per second.

Naturally, the MOTO Q q9 is equipped with “advanced entertainment features”, including video streaming, internet browsing, and a 2MP camera. The business side of things is covered with Personal and Corporate Microsoft Exchange, instant messaging, and Bluetooth. The QWERTY keyboard and QVGA color display are here as well, and the “smooth lighting transitions” make for a more stylish experience.

Not a huge upgrade from the current offering, and as such, it won’t take Moto all that long at all to get it to market. Check with your local Motorola rep for pricing, but you should expect the Motorola Q q9 to start shipping in Q2.