Motorola Mildly Improves Skinny Bar with MOTOSLVR L9

Motorola Mildly Improves Skinny Bar with MOTOSLVR L9


To my knowledge, there are at least three other MOTOSLVRs out there already (L2, L6, L7), so why not add one more to the bunch to make a nice even quad? Welcome the Motorola SLVR L9. Based on pure aesthetics alone, it’s not all that different than the SLVR L7, complete with the slick metal keypad, super slim profile, and large-ish color display.

The main improvement is in the camera, which is now a 2 megapixel unit capable of up to 8x digital zoom. Hop over to the video recording side of things and you’re restricted to just 4x digital zoom, but you do get to enjoy full-screen landscape playback. In addition to the built-in music player, there is also an RDS FM tuner, stereo Bluetooth, microSD expansion slot, and 20MB of internal memory.

Stay tuned for pricing information, but we can tell you that it’s due “in late Spring.”