Bill Gates Says No to ZunePhone

Bill Gates Says No to ZunePhone


The Apple iPhone, if it gets to keep that name, won’t be hitting American shores until June of this year, but that hasn’t prevented the rumors from running rampant about a possible competitor from Microsoft, appropriately dubbed the ZunePhone. We’ve heard plenty of conflicting reports these past couple of weeks, but in a Newsweek interview, the almighty Bill Gates himself debunked these rumors, seemingly denying the existence of a ZunePhone.

To quote from that interview:

With Xbox and Zune, Microsoft has adopted an end-to-end approach, where you write the software, design the hardware and run the services. Will Microsoft now change its mobile-phone strategy and adopt an end-to-end approach, the way Apple has with the iPhone?

No, I don’t think so. People like different styling, media storage, capability [in phones]. The benefit we get from having lots of great hardware partners is pretty phenomenal. And our software can run on any one of those things.

I know, it’s still a little murky (not unlike the brown color scheme on the Zune), but it seems that Billy is content with selling Windows Mobile for now.