Apple iPhone Copied LG Prada, Not Other Way Around

Apple iPhone Copied LG Prada, Not Other Way Around


It seems that the Apple iPhone has stirred up just as much controversy as it has created buzz around the produce-inspired company. According to Woo-Young Kwak, Head of Mobile Handset R&D at LG, Apple copied their LG Prada phone. Now, I’m not the first to say that Apple didn’t create anything particularly new with the iPhone, but they were one of the first to package it in such a marketable package.

In terms of features, the phones are no more or less similar than any other pair of handsets. Sure, the aesthetics are comparable and both handsets come with touchscreens, but that’s like saying a BlackBerry and a Palm Treo are exactly the same thing. They may be similar, but they’re not identical and they’re not clones of one another. LG does have one leg up on Apple, though, in that their Korean-developed phone “was unveiled when it was presented in the iF Design Award and won the price in September 2006”, whereas the iPhone wasn’t officially revealed until January of this year. Neither phone has made it market yet, so this is somewhat of a moot point, isn’t it? Who’s to say that Apple couldn’t have shown off a dummy model in August ’06?

Face it, everyone copies everyone. The MOTORAZR wasn’t the first skinny phone and it won’t be the last. The iPhone wasn’t the first touchscreen only handset and it won’t be the last. The iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player either. Let’s just move on and enjoy our options as consumers.