Eos: Set of 4 Wireless Speakers for iPod

Eos: Set of 4 Wireless Speakers for iPod


Home theater fanatics and portable iPod listeners alike might find this interesting. It’s Eos, a set of up to four wireless speakers for the iPod (or any brand of MP3 player, really). We say up to four because it comes with one extra speaker, in addition to the one housed on the docking station. That combo starts you out at US$300. Additional speakers will run you US$150 apiece, so that base station + 4 will set you back US$750.

But you get CD-quality surround sound designed by you without wires. That flexibility and convenience have to count for something; the question is whether you think the convenience justifies the cost.

The range of the speakers is a good 150 feet, and you get a wireless remote as well. The Eos works with satellite radio as well. The system comes in black or white.

We can certainly see this as a home theater option. Depending on how many speakers you buy (and how carrying cases you’re willing to shoulder), the setup could be eminently portable as well.