Boat Reservations Go High-Tech with TXT, RFID

Boat Reservations Go High-Tech with TXT, RFID


Navigation has hit the high seas in a high-tech way. An Italian boating system incorporates microchips, mobile phones, and even RFID tags.

The MarPark system works via modern technology. Boaters who have made reservations or who need supplies can contact the proper authorities electronically and get answers via text messages. The boaters register online and get a special messaging system that allows online and phone reservations.

The system, in the form of a floating device, transmits information via RFID chips to a smartbuoy in the water. The buoys themselves stay in one place by being tied to piles of reinforced concrete that in no way harm the sea floor, as traditional anchors do.

The result is a more orderly positioning of boats in the water and a more dependable method of keeping track of who is boating where.

The system will be online in 20 areas in the waters around Italy by 2009.