Silence PT2 All-Electric Trike is One Fast Mofo

Silence PT2 All-Electric Trike is One Fast Mofo


The Tesla Roadster proved to us that electric cars don’t have to be slow. Vehicles like the Volkswagen GX-3 concept demonstrated that maneuverability is excellent with two wheels in the front and one fat wheel in the back. Put the idea of a speedy electric with a sporty-looking trike, and you’ve got the rocket known as the Silence PT2 by EBW & Silence Inc. This all-electric three-wheeler is capable of going 125mph. That’s pretty darn quick.

The Silence PT2 is described as being a hybrid of an electric car, a go-cart and a motorcycle. They’ve kept the weight down to just 900 pounds, so it should be able to accelerate like none other before topping out at the aforementioned 125mph top speed. Measuring 13 feet long, the PT2 has a range of between 125 and 250 miles, depending on how you’re driving it. I’m not a fan of the tacky “Type R” pads on the B-pillars, but that chameleon paint is straight up PIMP!

Better yet, the Silence PT2 is going to start shipping in the Spring with an asking price of $42,000.