Mobile Jajah Turns Any Smartphone into a VoIP Handset

Mobile Jajah Turns Any Smartphone into a VoIP Handset


What is Jajah? It sounds like you’re saying “Yes” in German, twice. Well, you’re actually making VoIP calls without wires.

The original service is a web page that facilitates Voice over Internet calls for which you the user enter the phone numbers: of the number you’re calling and the one you’re calling from. Once you do that, your phone will ring and you can pick it up and connect.

Now, the company is expanding with the Jajah Mobile Web. It’s a service for smartphones. Just point your browser to the same web address, type in your numbers, and off you go into VoIP land.

All you really need to use this service is a Web connection and a phone, so a smartphone will satisfy both of those requirements nicely. The service was set up with international calls in mind, since they generally are the most expensive calls that people make; but you can certainly use Jajah to make local or nationwide calls if you really want to.