iPod Proves Big Help in Wedding Planning

iPod Proves Big Help in Wedding Planning


Proving just how versatile the MP3 player really is, a woman has used the iPod for nearly every aspect of her wedding planning.

For starters, there’s the planning podcasts, which both bride and groom can listen to wherever their iPods travel with them. These are much more common than they used to be, as are wedding-themed audiobooks and TV shows, both of which can be enjoyed on the iPod as well.

If you’re willing to settle for traditional, easily attainable digital music for the ceremony, you can certainly use your iPod to download and, if your sound system is to your liking, play that wedding music.

iPods make great gifts, too, for weddings as well as for birthdays and end-of-year holidays. More and more happy couples are including the ubiquitous MP3 player on their registries.

Some wedding photographers offer their pictures preloaded on video iPods, so the married couple can enjoy their digital memories for years to come.

Many cakes are now iPod-themed, even shaped like the darn players in some cases.

And, there’s always the honeymoon options for the iPod, as long as both parties agree on what songs get played when.

The point is that it’s a modern world out there, even for those getting married.