Digital Tablet Reads Your Handwriting, Stores Your Notes

Digital Tablet Reads Your Handwriting, Stores Your Notes


We live in the digital age, yet so many people still depend on paper for everything. You surely know someone who prints out email, to read and absorb later. That person probably takes meeting notes in longhand and then types them in to a computer later for safekeeping, or to print out in a few months’ time for review.

That person—and you, probably—might appreciate the G-Note 7100, a digital tablet that can store up to 100 pages of notes before its memory banks need purging. You can transfer that data to your PC via a USB port, so you never need to worry about losing those precious doodles and other important scrawlings.

The genius here (and that’s the company name as well) is that the G-Note 7100 is a holder and pen set. You can slap any old letter-sized notepad on the holder, and as long as you use the special pen, your notes will be stored in the 32MB of onboard memory. The handwriting recognition software is probably adequate for most scribblers, but you might want to be on your best penmanship behavior to make sure that you don’t miss important details here and there.

Take note: The price on this is a respectable US$160. With that, you get two pens (one black and one red), batteries, and a USB cable. Genius throws in a notepad and portfolio as well.