Diabetic’s Friend HumaPen Contains Needle, Insulin

Diabetic’s Friend HumaPen Contains Needle, Insulin


One of the most difficult things to keep track of is exactly how much insulin your body needs, from day to day. Take too little and you have one kind of problem; take too much and you run the risk of overdose and serious injury. Many diabetics take pride in their ability to administer their won insulin injections. That’s where this pen comes in.

This pen-looking device is actually a potential lifesaver for diabetics. It’sthe HumaPen Memoir, from Eli Lilly, and it contains a hypodermic needle and insulin cartridges.

Further, you can select how much insulin you want to inject, based on your current needs. The HumaPen records data for up to 16 injections, so you have a little over two weeks’ worth of information to rely on for your next injection.

This product will be available next week and will cost US$45.