iPods to be the Next CD?

iPods to be the Next CD?


Earlier, we told you that Apple and The Beatles had just Let It Be, putting to rest 15 years of legal unrest over the computer company’s propensity for doing what the record company thought it shouldn’t. Now that Apple Computer is free to operate as a music company, there’s no stopping Jobs and Company from selling preloaded iPods.

Extrapolate this out a bit and you get a special-edition iPod engineered with music fans in mind. Remember that U2 iPod? It was a special edition, but you had to download the songs to make it extra special. Who’s to say that you couldn’t buy a Beatles Special Edition iPod that is already brimming with the entire Beatles audio catalog. It might even be a video edition, with some footage from the Let It Be sessions.

We have the iPod shuffle now—in a host of colors, no less—, which has a relatively small price tag. Why not dump the complete Kanye West in there and call it a special edition? Further, why not cut the price even further by cutting the megabytes on that shuffle to include just a few albums or even just one?

You’d need a rather much larger data storage set to fit in the entire Madonna or Public Enemy catalog, for example, but you get the idea.

iPods could soon come preloaded with music and videos, the sky is no longer the limit.