Helio Launches Digital Download Music Service

Helio Launches Digital Download Music Service


Helio is getting into the digital music download business with both feet. The favorite of many young mobile phone users has announced Helio Music, which promises downloads as low as 99 cents. That’s if you get that track using your PC. If you download right onto your phone, that’ll cost you US$1.99.

Studios that have signed on to the Helio offering include EMI, Sony BMG, Universal, and Warner Music Group. All will make their tunes available to Helio Music.

The user interface is expected to be user-friendly yet packed with information, including artist bios and photos, Helio community track recommendations, and the possibility of on-air track preview before purchase. Depending on how advanced your mobile is, you could be able to get everything from a ringtone to a full-blown music video.